Blaise-ing a path through George Mason

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Blaise-ing a path through George Mason

Eric Clinton

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Blaise Sevier shows the flame in her heart with her bright smile during one of George Mason’s Pep Rallies. Sporting her George Mason background, she is a born leader. This is where Sevier is the happiest, while supporting her beloved high school.

Blaise Sevier had a untraditional way to decide to start running for Student Council Association. A flip of a coin by her SCA advisor, Mr. Peter Laub, was all it took for Blaise Sevier to start climbing the ladder to Student Council Association president on her next adventure in life. The first rung was Sophomore Class President two years ago. Then, her junior year, she became Secretary of the Executive Board. This year, she is the SCA president.

“Student Council Association is one of the best organizations that I’ve ever been involved in,” Sevier said. “Everyone is a leader one way or another.”

Even though she is the SCA president, Sevier isn’t a supreme leader. She is simply a cog in the SCA machine. Everyone works together to make SCA the efficent, especially during events like the Halloween Hootenanny. The Halloween Hootenanny raised over $2,000 for Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC).

While some believe that SCA is a popularity contest, Sevier begs to differ. It is all to “make Mason a better place,” a phrase she echoed throughout the interview. She has also made efforts to make it less of a popularity contest. One may recall the series of Zach with “Blaise & Friends,” to give students a “rationale” for why they could be elected, and a way to level the playing field.

In her three-year SCA career, one of Sevier’s projects was #ProjectMBC, along with the banners for the classes seen hanging around the school. She hopes her projects as the student president leaves legacy here at George Mason.

A four year Cross Country runner, Sevier is also an avid runner. In fact, she made All-State during her sophomore year. She loves the aspect of team bonding, with her favorite memory being a scavenger hunt with the cross country team in DC.  


Sevier, second from left, with her Cross Country friends (L-R) Jacqueline Baartz, Aisha Rupert, and Clara Frost. (Photo courtesy of Blaise Sevier)

Sevier also participates on the high-achieving swim team here at George Mason. She is no Michael Phelps, but she feels lucky to be a part of the team with good athletes. Her favorite event to swim is the 500 freestyle.

But perhaps, her most memorable event was in Beijing this past Winter Break. Spending a week in Beijing with her friends, she got to see many Chinese landmarks. She saw the Temple of Peace, and the Forbidden City. She also saw The Wall of China and Tiananmen Square, staple and trademark tourist attractions in China.

For Blaise Sevier, life’s an adventure, and her adventurous at George Mason are coming to a bittersweet end. She is ready to get out of the house and ready to get out of Falls Church for her next great adventure: college.

Following in the footsteps of former SCA president Maeve Curtin, she is attending the University of Virginia this fall. She talks about how thankful she is to be a part of UVA, with good people and good food for all. She hopes to continue her leadership in SCA and in program leadership, but she may try a whole new hobby. Model United Nations, or MUN, is one of the things that Sevier wants to try in her time at UVA.

She may have to flip a coin to become the next SCA president at UVA, or to become the next top Model UN, but her determination to become a leader won’t be left up to chance.


Sevier (left) is here in China in Tiananmen Square. Beside Mao Zedong making an appearance, her friends that she is embracing are from past years. She and her friends saved up for a trip to Beijing this past year. (Photo courtesy Blaise Sevier)