This is crazy! Are you Overwatching this?!

This is crazy! Are you Overwatching this?!

Matthew Ng

The Overwatch open beta came out on May 5th and was supposed to end on May 9th but was extended to May 10th. Most of the people that played the open beta for the Overwatch game must think … this game is amazing, and I must agree with those people.

Considering that about 9.7 million people played this open beta that was available for less then a week, this must be a pretty amazing game I thought, so I decided to join in on the fun. Even though it took a while for the download of the beta, it was so totally worth it! I finally got on with some of my friends and I was so blown away by everything. The graphics, the gameplay and even the types of players playing. For the time I was playing, I felt like everyone playing had just been introduced to something new and flashing!

The incredible amount of diversity in this game was just unreal to me. With the characters you can play as, the abilities that turn the tide of combat and the way you can support your teammates. I mean there are so many ways you can combine your character abilities with others to completely dominate the other team or turn the tables to your favor and gameplay style.

My personal favorite hero was the The is a hero with a Mech that has infinite ammo shotgun shells, so she’s very good at close range considering she’s a tank with shotgun arms but not so much at mid to long range. When the Mech runs out of armor, the jumps out with her light pistol to stay in the fight as a second life until she can call in a new mech.

This new game has a lot of promise from what I can see for it. The question now is, will you join the Overwatch program? Or will you hide in the shadows waiting and plotting in order to oppose them?