The Final Nail in the Call of Duty Franchise’s Coffin?


Grant Tomchick

Just a few weeks after the release of the Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare trailer, it received over two and a half million dislikes on youtube. The Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare trailer is the second most disliked video on youtube, trailing behind Justin Bieber’s music video Baby with six million dislikes. Keep in mind, the trailer has only been out for a few weeks compared to Justin Bieber’s music video that has been out for more than six years.

There’s no denying that the Call of Duty franchise has been going down in sales ever since COD Ghosts. Here are sales graphs of the Call of Duty games after the corresponding week number after release, according to Forbes. 

1-week3-weekWhy is it that COD has been losing popularity? Fans of the games such as myself are sick of the futuristic time setting of the game. Black Ops two was the first game to go into the near future. The game was fun, but it set high expectations for future COD games that just weren’t met.

Advanced Warfare took the futuristic theme to a whole new level. Sledgehammer, the creator of COD: AW, introduced something no other COD has ever had, exo suits. In Addition to jumping and sprinting, players can now dash due to a mechanical suit equipped to their body. Why would they create this? This looks almost exactly like Titanfall, another first person shooter that takes place in the future.

Due to all the controversy over the exo suits, Treyarch, creators of the COD Black Ops series, decided to not include them in the next Black Ops. Fans were happy to hear this and started to rejoice until they realised that there are double jumps and characters are able to walk on sides of walls. This game has to be Titanfall’s sibling. Even after all the comments of fans such as the #BootsOnGround on twitter, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be set in the future once again. How far into the future can you go at this point?

To make things worse for COD, Battlefield 1 will be coming out this October, a month before COD:IW’s release. Being the most popular shooters on console, Battlefield is the prime competition for COD. The hype over the Battlefield 1 trailer is as large as the hate for the Infinite warfare trailer. Battlefield 1 will be taking place during World War I. Fans of FPS games could not be more thrilled to go back in time and experience World War I in a videogame.  

It’s no surprise The Infinite Warfare trailer has all the dislikes and hate comments. I can only predict that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will be the least selling Call of Duty game yet. The last achievement the Call of Duty Franchise will ever receive is 2.5 million thumbs down on their latest trailer. R.I.P Call of Duty.