Finance or Felony? Your choice…


(photo courtesy of Solid Oldschool Gaming)

Matthew Ng

The latest GTA V DLC has brought with it much destruction and illegal activity as you can possibly imagine. The new content also includes many new ultra fast cars and armored vehicles… wink wink, nudge nudge. 

Time for some trafficking jobs y’all! All the players that have downloaded the new DLC now have access to new trafficking jobs where you can chance your life at protecting and equipping illegal contrabands around Los Santos. But since this is a game (literally), it’s all or nothing. Now the only question left is, how much time are you willing to put in to complete these jobs?

That’s the felony part, on to the finance! You can now also buy offices that cost from a range between 1 million to 4 million dollars in the banks in order set up missions for you and your friends and play the market! The Black Market that is… You can buy and sell Black Market items in which you gain profit for you and your personal desires.

Now which will you choose? A life of action and adventure around Los Santos with a gun in hand or a seat in your personal office with you and your friends and your bartering skills? The choice is up to you, Finance or Felony?