What’s going on in the SCA?


Hannah Seiken

From class fundraisers to the anticipated annual homecoming pep rally, the George Mason Student Council Association (SCA) works hard to plan events throughout the school year.

The SCA has already executed two of their biggest and most popular events, the homecoming pep rally and the Halloween Hootenanny.

“I would say they were both really successful,” said treasurer of the SCA executive board and senior Hannah Hiscott. “We had a really tight schedule down to the minute for the pep rally and everyone had tons of fun. The hootenanny was the biggest success yet, we netted 2,000 dollars. Lots of little kids had tons of fun and the haunted house was even better than last year. ”

The proceeds went to the Arlington Food Assistance Center, an organization distributing groceries to families in need.

The SCA as a whole plans many events, but so do the representatives elected for each grade level. On December 19, the freshman class officers will be hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle from 4-8 p.m., where half of its proceeds will be donated to their class fund, and ultimately the senior breakfast at the end of the year.

“It’s very beneficial to our class, and it will help our grade out a lot,” said freshman vice president Fiona Howard. “Chipotle is delicious and everyone should go.”

The sophomore class officers have a multitude of fundraisers planned for December. On December 5, there was a fundraiser at Flippin’ Pizza for the 2018 prom, and last week, students were given the opportunity to order cookie grams to send to their friends or teachers from the popular DC food truck Captain Cookie and the Milkman.

“We’re doing a lot of fundraisers so we can get ahead on 2018 prom,” said sophomore secretary Katherine Stricker. “We try to have our fundraisers appeal to the student body, so that the students get stuff out of it as well.”

The juniors are also raising money towards prom. They put on a “breakfast sale” on December 16 in which they sold bagels, donuts, and coffee to students before the first morning bell. The turnout was much larger than they thought it would be and proved to be a perfect way to pull in proceeds for prom 2017.

“It was such a success that we will definitely be doing it again,” junior class president Jack West said.

The last event the SCA has planned for this month is the book drive. The SCA, led by Hannah Hiscott, had a booth outside of the library open before school and during Mustang Block where old, unwanted books were being collected. All the books donated will go towards the FCCPS book mobile which will be driven by a Falls Church officer and distributed to less fortunate children.           

From cookie grams to book drives, the month of December has been filled with fundraisers and charity events hosted by the SCA to benefit the school and Falls Church community as a whole. Stay tuned for more stories to learn what else George Mason’s SCA has in store for everyone.