Mustang Block is my rock


Weekly Word: Each week, the Lasso Editorial Board will comment on an issue that is relevant to the students of George Mason High School. We strive to present a student-oriented opinion about topics big and small that matter to the student body.

Editorial Board

A student seeing math teacher Ms. Mo Smith for help on a problem. Class can be fast-paced sometimes so students often get extra help during Mustang Block, a 30 minute free period given to students each morning after first block. This period is excellent for studying, eating, or simply relaxing before your next class. (Photo Credit: Laura Whitaker)

Decembers are bittersweet. You have the holiday season of course; filled with joyful Christmas music, decorated cookies, and tons of cute DIY festivities, but it is also one of the most stressful months for the average George Mason student. Not because of the pressure to get your friends and family the best gift of the year, but because of the massive load of assignments to turn in before the holiday.

Now as MBC students, those excelling in mind, body, and character at Mason, it is important to have a healthy balance in the midst of the mess and merriness. For that reason, I speak on behalf of the majority of the student population – if not all of it – in giving a massive praise towards Mustang Block.

This 30 minute free period gives students time to do one (if not multiple) of the following things: take a nap, read a book, check your phone notifications, socialize with friends, eat a snack or grab breakfast from the cafeteria, or simply walk around to stretch your legs after sitting in a desk for 90 minutes in your previous class.

More importantly, Mustang Block is incredibly beneficial to students seeking extra help or a few extra minutes to finish an assignment.

As a junior and student athlete, hours are scarce and sleep even scarcer. Past midnight, there comes a certain point where you have to cut yourself some slack and give yourself a few hours to snooze. Mustang Block allows you to finish reading those ten pages of history or finish those last few sentences of your English essay.

It gives students the chance to meet with teachers for things they may feel behind on too. There isn’t enough time in a block for students to get in every question they need for clarification. There also isn’t always time for those who take a little longer assignments or have accommodations in certain classes.

The biggest reason I appreciate Mustang Block is the opportunity it gives me to study and prepare for an text or quiz I have later that day. It is the perfect time to refresh my memory on key points and meet with teachers and peers for review. Furthermore, I welcome January with open arms now without fear of how many IA’s I have. 

Mustang Block has become such a blessing to my day as a student, that when I think of the nearby schools without it I can only respond with pity and compassion.