Iconic Duos: Jacob and Lucas

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Iconic Duos: Jacob and Lucas

Kate Karstens, Editor-in-Chief

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In this series by Lasso editor, Kate Karstens, well-known senior iconic duos in Mason are featured. This week, the spotlight is on Jacob Zorniak and Lucas Zullo. If you believe that you are a member of an iconic duo or know of one, please email [email protected].

It’s hard to find someone who would rather hang out with their friend and his dad than hang out in a big group. But then again, iconic duos are hard to come by. This duo is particularly quiet, meaning that if you want to get a good laugh in the alcove during Mustang Block, you’ve got to listen really carefully for some truly terrible puns from Jacob Zorniak and Lucas Zullo.

On descriptions for one another:

Jacob: What’s the word for when you don’t care about anything?

Lucas: Whatever it is, the same word for him.

Jacob: We both don’t care.

On rec soccer:

Jacob: We became friends playing rec soccer, but I don’t remember when it was.

Lucas: We were both friends with Derin and then we starting hanging out.

Jacob: We get food, watch movies, and hang out.

Lucas: But with other people, not just us. That’d be a date.

Jacob Zorniak and his dad, whom Lucas claims he enjoys spending time with. (Photo Courtesy of Jacob Zorniak)

On teacher doppelgängers:

Jacob: Maybe Lucas is Mr. Snyder because he doesn’t care and he’s funny…by not caring about anything. He’s also sarcastic.

Lucas: Jacob is Mr. P because he makes so many puns. It has to be in the moment. You’ll say something and two seconds later Jacob will nudge you and whisper it back to you but with one word missing or one word added.

On why they’re iconic:

Lucas: I don’t even know why we’re iconic… do you just have to be awesome?

Jacob: We’re just buds. The banter levels are off the charts.

Lucas: Don’t say that. Spare me.

On their greatest memory together:

Lucas: Beats me.

Jacob: It will probably happen when we’re in Portugal this summer, visiting [our friend].

Lucas: We’re going to make him die his hair purple-pink.