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Editorial Board

Candidates for the 2017-18 SCA Executive Board.
Elections will be held April 20-21, 2017.

Jack West,
class of 2018
Current Position: President of Junior Class
“I believe it is necessary…to have a strong charitable presence in the community. I also want to create more dances as fundraisers.”
A headshot of Meghan Murphy Meghan Murphy, class of 2018
Current Position: None
“As an experienced leader, public speaker, and policy maker, I hope to bring fresh insight to the SCA with shifts in policy and action. My main goal will be to increase student voice and sovereignty, as well as expand the role SCA at Mason takes in improving student life.”
  Vice President
Shabeer Ahmed, class of 2019
Current Position: Secretary of Executive Board
“My main goal for this year is to make sure the student body is properly heard and is more involved in decision and different events.”
Angela Dilao, class of 2018
Current Position: Vice President of Junior Class
“My main goal is to revitalize how SCA organizes itself and the communication between the executive board, class, and administration.”
  John Grondelski, class of 2018
Current Position: none
“Non-traditional focus on student application of knowledge…is something I’d like to create the foundations for. I would also like to expand the Rodeo and create a way to connect the many clubs here.”
Haeju Jeong, class of 2018
Current Position: none
“Have a voice for students in the decision-making process. Improve school services such as vending machines and water fountains. Strengthen the relationship with students/faculty throughout school.”
Katie O’Neill, class of 2019
Current Position: President of Class of 2019
“I am excited to continue to improve the lives of Mason students. My goals are to include as many people in SCA decisions.”
Tika Wallace, class of 2019
Current Position: none
“Improve environmental concerns. Food Service Council (for) taste testing new products for cafeteria. School dance for all grades.”
Clara Matton, class of 2018
Current Position: none
“I want to be able to make a difference not only in my grade but throughout the school. I believe my connections in the school make me a solid candidate.”
  Katherine Stricker, class of 2019
Current Position: Secretary of Sophomore Class
“My goals are to create new and creative ways to fundraise and get more students and groups involved in school-wide activities.”
Communications Director
David Miller
, class of 2018
Current Position: Communications Director (incumbent)
“I would like to make sure that all the fun traditions at Mason continue.”