Most exciting World Series ever?


Second Baseman José Altuve high fives Yulieski Gourriel after scoring a vital run. Photo courtesy of Flickr user, Keith Allison.

Jay Nesson, Staff Reporter

One could argue that the 2017 World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers is the most exciting final in years.

Two severely dominant teams matching up quite nicely in this 2017 World Series, both the Astros and the Dodgers are both superb defensive and offensive ball clubs.   

The Dodgers hold records in the four out of the six categories for the National League this postseason including Home Runs, RBI’s (runs batted in), Wins, and Saves. Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner holds the record for both leading in Home runs with 4 and 14 RBI’s. The Dodgers left handed starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw holds the postseason National League record with a 3-0 record when pitching. Kenley Jansen the right handed closing pitcher has 5 saves and holds the record.

On the other hand the Houston Astros hold three out of the six categories for the American League during the postseason. Astros second baseman José Altuve is the American League leader with five home runs this postseason. Shortstop Carlos Correa truly is a force to be reckoned with, holding the record RBI’s in the American League with 14. Recently, the Houston Astros acquired right handed starting pitcher Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers, who has proved outstanding this season, holding the record of American League Wins with a record of 4-1.    

Game One of the 2017 World Series on Tuesday, October 24 was held in Los Angeles at the Dodgers Stadium. With home field advantage, the Dodgers came out swinging with a 3-1 victory with Kershaw on the mound allowing only 3 hits.

The next day in Los Angeles, the Dodgers hosted the Astros yet again but only this time Houston showed up with offense, outscoring the dodgers 7-6 tying up the series 1-1. Verlander pitched through six innings giving up 3 earned runs.

With a day break for traveling, Game Three of the World Series was October 27 in Houston. With Houston coming off a huge victory in Los Angeles, they were ready to showcase the same heat in their own territory. They did just this, holding the Dodgers down, and winning 5-3. All the momentum had been shifted from the Dodgers’ side to the Astros going into game Four.

The series was in favor of the Astros going into Game Four in Houston. The Dodgers weren’t ready to give up yet and came out victorious, tying the series at 2 with a final score 6-2. The Dodgers had scored five runs in the top of the ninth inning, giving a soft cushion to the best National League closer Kenley Jansen.

Game Five of the World Series might be the biggest nail biting game of them all- going into the going into the tenth inning with a tied score 12-12 with Astros outfielders on first and second base, and third Baseman Alex Bregman at the plate.  Bregman singles off a 91.8 MPH cutter to the Dodgers left fielder, Andre Ethier. Scoring Derek Fisher, Alex Bregman wins Game Five for the Houston Astros.

With Houston in the lead with three wins, Game six was a must win for the Los Angeles Dodgers who had won only two games.  Back in California, the Dodgers win Game Six 3-1, Forcing a Game Seven. If the Dodgers had lost this hard game on the road in Houston their season would have been over. To win a game with all the moral and momentum on the side of the Astros playing in Houston is extremely hard to do.

A seventh game is the one of the rarest features in sports. A “winner take all” situation is at play between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Houston Astros haven’t participated in a World Series since 2005, when they fell to the Chicago White Sox 4-0, while the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t been to the World Series since 1988, losing to the Oakland Athletics.

Game Seven of the 2017 World Series was underway at 8:20 p.m at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, California. In the top of the first inning, the Houston Astros scored two runs off of starting pitcher Yu Darvish. The Houston offense dominated the Dodgers’ pitching. Darvish pitched only 1⅓ innings, allowing five runs before being pulled out of the game. The Dodgers later brought in the notorious starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw to shut down the Astros bats. Kershaw did just that, pitching four innings, allowing two hits and striking out four hitters. The Dodgers offense was non-existent through eight innings; situational hitting was key for the Dodgers offense- leaving 25 batters on base is unbelievable. The Dodgers managed to scrape together a run in the sixth inning making it a 5-1 ball game.

The final score for Game Seven of the 2017 World Series was 5-1 with the Houston Astros winning. The Astros have not won a World Series in 55 years, so winning this year is a huge deal. The World Series MVP went to Astros Center Fielder George Springer who was on fire at the plate with a two run home run to Centerfield scoring Left Fielder, Marwin Gonzalez to make the game 5-0.

The World Series went back and forth between the two organizations. The Dodgers played extremely hard and it is sad to see their efforts come to failure but the Houston Astros simply played better and were able to generate more energy and runs, even though the Astros were playing on the road.