Mason Football closes tremendous season despite several injuries


Mason’s offensive line sets up to snap the ball in their game against opponent Sidwell Friends. The football team ended up winning 15-28 and finished off their season 6-5 (Photo Courtesy of Carol Sly)

Jay Nesson, Staff Reporter

The Mason football team (6-5) finished their season with one of the best records in years. This record is outstanding compared to last year’s 2-8 losing record and previous records. Coach Adam Amerine stepped up and proved himself as head coach with a dominant record.

The Mustangs started off the season really strong with a record of 5-0 with Junior, Jack Felgar behind the wheel.

“I’m proud of the way we fought this season. The senior leadership was great and we had a really tight bond among the players this year.” junior Jack Felgar said.

After suffering a severe ankle injury, Mason lost their battery Jack Felgar for two month. The  team fell to a four game losing streak around the same time. They also lost senior right back Jack Gilligan early in the season, and sophomore cornerback Enzo Paradiso around the midway point of the season.

The major physical setbacks came from three starting linemen facing head injuries throughout the season. With sophomore Cale Reinfurt, senior Flynn Yoder, and senior Alex Dorsey all facing multiple concussions, football coaches were forced to put second other players in their place. This greatly affected the team’s blocking later in the season

“Injuries are just part of the game. They’re going to happen, but we have to play through them no matter what.” said senior outside lineman Mitchell Mckeon.   

Not to mention the excess of small injuries that most of the players faced throughout the year, taking a toll on the team’s play.

Senior right back Finn Roou was able to run the ball effectively despite the injuries the linemen faced. He ran for a total of 1,469 yards and scored 17 touchdowns.

New offensive coordinator Sean McNulty installed a vast amount of plays that helped out the team, specifically with throwing plays. This season was the first year that many new plays and formations were introduced, and only foreshadows how the team will operate in the future.

The 5-0 record was a result of the mostly healthy team (at that point), and the excellent coaching exhibited by new head coach Adam Amerine. With the combination of a healthy Felgar and Roou running the ball, the team had no problem getting the ball in the endzone.

Next season will be hard to follow with 13 seniors leaving the team. The coming seasons surely will provide an opportunity for players and coaches to perfect the new plays that have been installed this season.

Head coach Adam Amerine is optimistic about next year’s turnout.

“Even if they lack some talent but they’re working hard and they’re hustling, they’ll be able to contribute something to the football team,” he said.

With this attitude, the variety of new offensive plays and the leadership of Felgar, the beginning of next season will only be a hiccup the Mason football team’s success.