5 winter DIYs your holiday season would be incomplete without

(Photo courtesy of sharoncheng.com)

(Photo courtesy of sharoncheng.com)

Erin Dean, Editor-in-Chief

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Bored during the winter break? Try these five winter-themed DIY crafts to compliment the holiday season.

A wreath with christmas-themed clothespins around it.

(Photo courtesy of sharoncheng.com)

  1. Clothespin Wreath

Cheap, cute, and fun, this wreath will always make your door or window look authentic and festive. With only three simple materials, a clothespin wreath would be a fun craft for any age, and fits for any season. Find out how to make one here.


Christmas trees made out of colored popsicle sticks

(Photo courtesy of One Little Project)

2. Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Looking for some new ornaments but don’t want to drop $20? These christmas tree-themed ornaments made out of popsicle sticks are way cheaper and way less fragile, but just as cute. Find out how to create them here.


A candle with a wool covering.

(Photo courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

3. Candle Sweater

This simple DIY is an easy way to make your home fit for the winter season. All you need is an old piece of wool clothing and a candle to create its own little sweater. Click here to discover how to create this adorable yet cheap winter DIY.


A blanket thrown over a couch.

(Photo courtesy of Vone Inspired)

4. No-sew Blanket

Stay warm in the winter with this homemade blanket with no sewing skills required! Just get two pieces of fleece, cut fringes, and knot them together to create your very own blanket to keep you cozy in the cold. See the instructions here.


Peppermint bark

(Photo courtesy of Food Network)

5. Peppermint Bark

This classic is as delicious as it is easy; the only difficult part is waiting an hour for the chocolate to cool down! Learn how to make this perfect holiday dessert here.