Arts in the Little City


The Falls Church Art Gallery as seen from across Broad Street. The Kensington building, which includes the assisted living home, was built just about a year ago. (Photo courtesy of The Kensington Falls Church via web)

Fernanda Molina, Editor-in-Chief

Opened just about a year ago, The Falls Church Arts Gallery is a brand new edition to downtown Falls Church  that offers a wide range of art events and classes to all members of the community.

The Falls Church Gallery of Arts, a non-profit, community based arts and education program, is located on the ground floor retail space in the new Kensington building on Broad Street. They currently offer six-week long art classes for ages 7-16 during the winter and spring. They also hold shows like the Focus Fine Art Photography exhibit, which was the most recent show that closed on February 3.

In addition to the art gallery on the street level, the Kensington also serves as an assisted living home for seniors on the floors above. The art gallery downstairs not only allows residents of the retirement home to have an active social life, but is available to any member of the community. The gallery offers programs seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Junior Eleanor Kay stands with her photos during the Focus show. The gallery is open to anyone who is interested in submitting their work. (Photo courtesy of Eleanor Kay)

Shows are open to all members of the community to contribute, including high school students. Eleanor Kay a junior at George Mason, recently participated in her first show, a photography exhibit called Focus.

“It’s a pretty cool thing, especially for high schoolers, because you don’t really have much of an experience in art galleries and if you really want to get one of your pieces in, this is a good start,” Kay said.

The Falls Church Art Gallery offers a plethora of shows, ranging from paintings to digital works to photography. Everyone in the F.C. community is welcome to display and share their art, and entering a show is very easy. All upcoming shows are listed on their website.  

If you are interested in becoming part of a show, taking lessons, or simply browsing the art center, make sure to stop by the Falls Church Arts Gallery in the Kensington building.