Ball (and the outdoors) is life: Nate Ogle


Jay Nesson, Staff Reporter

Most people only know Nate Ogle as the “good looking” assistant basketball coach or the guy who looks kinda looks like Post Malone. At the Clarke game, he said six people had made comments to him saying he looked like Post Malone.

Rapper Post Malone and (left) varsity assistant boys basketball coach Nate Ogle. Ogle is told about his resemblance to Post Malone constantly. (Collage by Laura Whitaker)


Ogle volunteered as last years assistant boys varsity coach, proving his loyalty towards the school he once dominated at in 2012.

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“I had some extra time on my hands in the fall and Coach Cap invited me to come to a practice, and I really enjoyed it so I just kept coming, ” Ogle said.

He played basketball at Mason as a center standing at just 6’2”. Even though he didn’t compare in height, he still dominated the boards and averaged 13 points a game. His senior year, his team ended up making it all the way to the State rounds, and losing in the Championship.  

“Losing was tough. I guess I was most sad [because] I’d never play with my guys competitively again. A State title would definitely have covered up that pain of not playing together anymore.”  Ogle said.

Ogle attended Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania where he played Division III basketball and thrived on was named to the 2014-15 NABC Honors Court.

Nate Ogle was named to the Honors Court by the National Association of Basketball Coaches while playing for Juniata College. According to the Juniata Athletics website, Ogle “ played in every game for the Eagles and made 20 starts. He averaged 6.5 points per game and pulled down 102 rebounds (4.1/game) which was third-highest on the team.” (Photo courtesy of Juniata College)

Nate loves the sport of Basketball; when he isn’t working he is playing, watching, or talking about basketball.  He brings the drills and knowledge he derived from college to Mason to help with our basketball team.

I followed Nate around a for full day to see what his schedule looked like on a Saturday. We went to Parkland in Washington D.C. and I watched as he helped build bird habitats from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It was kind of strange at first, but Ogle has always been interested in the environment and having a job that helps out animals providing stable habitats seems like his ideal line of professions.

“I enjoy working with my hands, being outside, and being my own boss,” Ogle said after he completed building bird habitats in the afternoon.

We then went to his men’s league practice. Ogle is still very active after his college career as a Division III basketball player. I am very impressed to see him still aggressive as ever playing with his Mason winning mentality.   

Ogle is starting as a contractor with a non- profit organization called Anacostia Riverkeeper and he will be doing boat tours for them. He did a three hour test run to see how he liked it. After that we went to his girlfriend’s house where he typically goes to fish. If he is not fishing at his girlfriend’s house, he is camping and perch fishing in Maryland with his friends.

Ogle takes a selfie during a hike in the mountains. Ogle is always outside doing something, whether it is hiking, fishing or building things with his hands. (Photo courtesy of Nate Ogle)

His jam-packed schedule proved too busy to beat the sunlight, and unfortunately it had gotten too late to fish. This didn’t stop Ogle’s day. Instead, he worked on a shelf building project before hustling to Mason to help coach off-season workout.

“He really pushes us to the limit with his challenging workouts,” said junior Max Ashton, Mason’s starting point guard.

We worked out in the weight room and then scrimmaged until 6:00 pm. Believe it or not, we then headed to play basketball somewhere else at 8:45 p.m. for Ogle’s Men’s league game, where he averages 19 points a game.

Ogle hates traffic, yet his busy schedule relies so much on it- it could make or break his whole routine.

“[I] had to pay 10 bucks in order to get here today,” Ogle said to me during the Mason basketball workout.

If it wasn’t obvious through the day I spent with Nate Ogle, it is more than safe to say that he is an extremely busy person and works very hard at everything he does. It may seem like a never ending day to some people, but to Ogle it is another blessing to be doing the things he loves the most all in one day.   

Ogle is constantly on the move, playing and coaching basketball, doing woodwork as a volunteer, or spending time fishing in the outdoors. He is more than just some hair and a pretty face; he is a true handy man who  contributes heavily to the community surrounding him.