Early homecoming again?

Students stress over early September Homecoming


Sierra Sulc

A pair of tickets to the 2018 homecoming dance. Students started buying tickets on the 5th day of school.

Sierra Sulc and Olaiya Lewis

Last year, Mason’s homecoming was early and students were frustrated. This year, our homecoming is even earlier – September 15 – and students are frustrated.

Traditionally, homecoming occurs in mid-to-late October, like our neighbors McLean and Yorktown High Schools.

So why is ours so early?

Mainly, because of football scheduling.

“We do our best to make the homecoming game a fun experience,” said Athletic Director, Ms. Julie Bravin. ”We thought that Nelson County [Mason’s opponent for the homecoming game] would be a good game for that.”

However, since homecoming is also a formal dance, a pep rally, and a series of Spirit Week events, early homecoming comes with more than a few inconveniences for students. This year, students are feeling rushed. Some students are having trouble choosing a dress, especially students who have been on vacation up until the very beginning of school. Freshman, in particular, are affected. Freshmen do not have the same connections and information as upperclassmen have been scrambling in many ways: to buy dresses, to get involved in the pep rally, and to make plans for the dance.

This homecoming will most likely have significantly less “couples” as students are just getting to know each other over the first two weeks of school.

“None of the guys want to ask because it’s too soon and everyone has stuff to do,” said Senior Chelsea Lang.

In hopes to make homecoming the best it can be, Ms. Bravin spent time and effort to address all of the concerns about an early homecoming.

“Students were given more practices for powderpuff and volleyboys than we have ever had before. We hired professional officials in the hopes that it would prevent injuries. We got new flags and numbers. I helped with shirts and made things as easy as possible,” said Ms. Bravin.

Most of these efforts were the result of requests from students.

“We told the students last year and I asked for a list of concerns so that we could come up with solutions,” said Ms. Bravin. “I honestly think this has been the smoothest homecoming. This [senior] class has been very proactive. I think this has been the best homecoming for me.”