Senior Night: The final play


Laura Whitaker, Editor-in-Chief

The Lady Mustangs hand in hand
The Lady Mustangs hand in hand as the national anthem plays before the game. The girls entered the game with a 13-5 record and left with not only another win, but two events making this night unforgettable. (Photo By: Laura Whitaker)

With a 1000 point personal record reached and a win for their senior night, the Lady Mustangs end their last home game of the regular season with a bang. The Warren County Wildcats remained within reach of our Mason basketball team throughout the game on February 5, however were no threat to the final score; resulting in 60-43.

Katie Goodwin walks down the court for the Senior Night celebration. Following the jv win against Warren County, senior athletes from the swim team, basketball team, and cheer team lined up in the corner of the gym along with their families. Each student was called up individually as their athletic achievements were announced. (Photo By: Laura Whitaker)

Despite her injury, senior, Gen Schmitt made the starting line-up which consisted of all four seniors; Katie Goodwin, Haley Zullo, Micaela Albright, herself, and junior; Shelby Fields. Prior arrangements were made by head varsity coach, LaBryan Thomas, with the referees so that Schmitt would be able to play for one minute for her last regular-season home game.

The first whistle blew and guard, Katie Goodwin gained possession for Mason at the tip off. After a couple dribbles here and there Gen receives a pass and the ref blows the whistle again; Schmitt walks off the court after participating in her final high school basketball play.

whitakerl seniorNight sports3
Nicole Bloomgarden passes the ball wide. Her most effective play together with Goodwin consisted of wide pass from the wing to the center, and Bloomgarden with a layup. On the rare miss for Bloomgarden’s layup, Goodwin would be right there for the rebound. (Photo By: Laura Whitaker)

Bloomgarden’s substitution greatly influenced the first quarter. Along with multiple three-pointers, Bloomgarden increased the score by working particularly with Goodwin.

Gen Schmitt being welcomed by coaches and teammates after her pass. One minute into the game after her pass, Genn was subbed off by Freshman guard, Nicole Bloomgarden. (Photo By: Laura Whitaker).

Entering the game with 988 points in her entire Mason career, Goodwin played for the majority of the first quarter and with three minutes left, and 1 point from her milestone, was taken out and watched over like a boxer in the corner of the ring.Transitioning into the second quarter, head varsity basketball coach, LaBryan Thomas was ready to play his wildcard.

When she entered the game halfway through the quarter, the crowd came alive, anticipating her milestone; they chanted “uno mas, uno mas.”

For the 25th point in the second quarter, Goodwin makes her 1000th point of her career from a rebound. The crowd went wild, chanting her name and waving posters. The girls’ basketball team celebrate Goodwin’s 1000 shot with hugs and a banner in the middle of the game

“It was one of the best feelings. It was such an accomplishment and I was so proud of myself. I was basically on cloud nine,” said Goodwin.

whitakerl seniorNight sports5
Freshman, Michael Curtain, supporting his close friend, Goodwin, at the game with a homemade poster and t-shirt. Goodwin had several supporters; from noise in the crowd, to the uproar online, “Couldn’t have asked for a better last home game. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight,” she wrote on her Instagram post. (Photo By: Laura Whitaker)


“The whole game was exciting, the four seniors we’ve been hanging with since eighth grade… Thanks for their intensity, and thanks for their heart; they’re the heart and soul of our team,” said assistant varsity coach, Lori Lafave.

Though that was the last home game, Coach Lafave made it very clear that the season is not over yet; here is the schedule to the Lady Mustangs’ post season.