JV Show on life support

Annual talent show rescheduled due to lack of student participation


This is a photo from the JV show last year, of seniors Clare Doss and Claudia Gausman performing. This year there might not be a JV show due to the lack of student interest. Photo via Carol Sly.

We’ve all seen the numerous posts on Schoology about the JV show, the annual student talent show fundraiser, but these haven’t been really clear.

The show has been postponed two times already and it has recently been rescheduled for December.

Many students have been confused about why the JV show has been rescheduled multiple times and if it’s still happening.

“I’m confused because no one ever tells us why it was cancelled,” freshman Drew Miller said. “I signed up to be part of the stage crew, and I’m worried that I won’t get to work on the show.”

The primary reason for all the delays and confusion, according to Ms. Mary Jo West, the GMHS band teacher who is also the faculty organizer of the show, is lack of interest from student body.

“Normally we have about 20 – 25 acts for a show in the spring. Sadly you can’t run a show with four acts,” Ms. West said.

The new dates for the show are December 19 and 20.

It seems that in addition to lack of students signing up to perform, students reported confusion and miscommunication about rehearsals and times as well as a lack of understanding for what the money goes toward.

“I read the Schoology posts but I don’t know what the JV show is,” said freshman Elle Ehrlich.

The JV show’s profits go to the junior class to fund prom and the event “allows students who aren’t normally in the stoplight to have the opportunity to perform,” said Ms. West. In the past, acts have included karate, juggling, singing, comedic acts, and student bands. It used to be that the JV show would only be held in the spring, but a second show was recently introduced in the fall.

In the past, there was only one show in the spring, and it had high attendance and participation. The fall is a busy time for a lot of students between sports, the play, and getting used to their workload. This may explain why there aren’t a lot of acts signed up.

Katherine Litton is a freshman who is signed up to participate in the JV show. She is feeling the frustration other students have felt, as the date for the annual tradition at Mason keeps getting bumped.

“I have choir every morning at 7 a.m., cross country every afternoon, and I’m in a lot of clubs,” said freshman Katherine Litton when asked about how busy her schedule was.

While the JV show may not happen in the first quarter, it will still be scheduled before winter break and will happen again in the spring. To make sure the show happens, any student with an interesting talent, skill, they want to perform should sign up or talk to Ms. West.