How well do you know your classmates?

Mason students show off their hidden talents.

Eleanor Kay and Maggie Hicks

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Everyday, hundreds of students walk the halls of Mason, each with their own unique perspectives, passions, backgrounds, and talents. But it’s hard to know what these are just by rushing past someone in the halls. From painting to Pig Latin, we dug deep into the depths of the Mason student population and found out where some of these hidden skills lurked.

You may have seen senior Mithi Peñaranda sporting fashionable color coordinated outfits and whistling show tunes from Chicago around the halls. You also may have seen her with bright pens, doodling calligraphy and designs for her next laptop case decoration. Mithi is one of many talented students at Mason but the prestige of her design makes them stick out all over the school. Check out this short video about Mithi’s designs.