Girls basketball enters a new era

Emma McDonald, Staff Reporter

As nine varsity players have graduated and left the previous season, the varsity girls basketball team has had a lot of new changes building the team up for this season. Nicole Bloomgarden, Elizabeth Dodge, Victoria Rund, Claire Trundle, Jenna Short, and Bella Ashton were all senior players on the varsity roster last year who have graduated. Although this was a loss of many skilled players who had been playing all four years on varsity and had built up the team for Mason, it also has brought more opportunity for younger and upcoming players.

The current girls varsity team brought five freshmen players up to varsity for this season including: Bella Paradiso, Rhianna Arsenault, Meghan Tremblay, and Emma McDonald (the author).

A player to look out for this season is freshman Zoraida Icabalceta. Zoraida played JV last year and is starting guard/point guard. She handles the ball very well, has an incredible shot, knows all the plays perfectly and is a great leader during games. She’s also a great teammate on and off the court, and is always encouraging everyone on the team.

Last year Mason’s record was 27-7-0, and they went to states against Buffalo Gap, yet lost the home game 35-36. This year, because there is a whole new team, it is going to take a lot of practicing together in order to mesh and form a solid team, which is what the team has been doing. New varsity members aside from freshmen include Agnes Jagerskog (junior), Emma Gardner (senior), and Gabriella Stevens (junior). The three returning varsity members include juniors Emma Rollins and Julia Rosenberger as well as senior Maddie Lacroix.

The team has had many weeks worth of practice together, has had two scrimmages and are really starting to work well and mesh together. The varsity teams’ goal this year is to win districts, go to states, and build a great team and foundation for the next generation of players and the team.