Top eight memes of 2018

Eleanor Kay, Staff Reporter

Memes are a big part of American teen culture. Twitter is a big generator of memes and once they start to get popular on Twitter, they move to other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, reaching a larger population of people. So, to reminisce on the past year of memes, the Lasso put together a list of the top eight of 2018.

  1. Super Bowl kid
Boy on his phone.
Photo via @McJesse on Twitter.

This year started off with the kid that took a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show. It became such a popular meme that he was invited to The Ellen Show.

  1. The distracted boyfriend
Boyfriend checks out other girl while with girlfriend.
Photo via @gxngstawifi on Twitter.

This meme, depicting a girlfriend catching her boyfriend in the act of checking out another girl, has been recreated throughout the entire year to be relevant in any situation and fit any group of people.

  1. Out of breath Spongebob
Spongebob breathing heavily.
Photo via @mazinggracee on Twitter.

Spongebob is always a major source of memes but this year, Spongebob out of breath was one of the most popular versions.

  1. Car exiting a highway
Car exits a highway abruptly.
Photo via @alexmakesfunnystuff on Instagram.

This meme shows a car abruptly taking an exit and depicts what you should do (continuing straight) and what you actually do (the exit). 

  1. Lil Xan
Lil Xan rubs his face against Noah Cyrus.
Photo via @sixteenburritos on Twitter.

This photo of Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus on a red carpet, with the former’s face in an unfortunate position, went viral and even became a popular Halloween costume.

  1. They did surgery on a grape
Surgical tools peeling the skin off a grape.
Photo via Twitter.

Possibly the weirdest and most confusing meme of 2018, it emerged on Twitter and quickly became known across many forms of social media.

  1. A Star is Born scene
Man looks out a window at a woman.
Photo via Instagram.

After the release of the popular movie, A Star is Born, this scene with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was turned into a widely popular meme.

1. Is this a pigeon


Man looks at butterfly and asks, "is this a pigeon?"
Photo via Twitter.

This meme originated and mainly remained on Twitter. It’s main purpose is to show confusion.