Top eight fashion trends of 2018

Maeve Keating, Staff Reporter

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  1. Chunky sneakers
Large white sneakers are on a display in a store.

Large chunky Fila brand sneakers sit on display in a store. Fila has become popular for these types of shoes in addition to their infamous logo. Photo by Maeve Keating.

Arising at the beginning of the year with an original release by Balenciaga, these statement shoes have been a hit in 2018. Now, many brands, such as Fila, are producing these chunky sneakers, also being called “dad shoes.”

  1. Teddy Coats
 Picture is taken in a mirror showing someone holding up a deep brown fluffy coat.

The author holds up a brown fluffy coat in a mirror. These fluffy coats are now called teddy coats. Photo by Maeve Keating.

This style and material was originally used for motorcyclists in the 1930s, but has since climbed its way to the top through influencers like Kim Kardashian and Emma Chamberlain.

  1. Corduroy
Close up photo of red corduroy pants with brown buttons hanging on a rack.

A pair of bright red corduroy pants hang in a store. Corduroy is no longer just for pants and this material is being used in all types of clothing articles. Photo by Maeve Keating.

While this material has always been popular, it became mainstream trendy in early 2018 thanks to rapper Tyler, The Creator.

  1. Checker Print
Close up of light blue and white checkered vans on someone’s feet.

These iconic checkered sneakers have been around for a while, but the checkered pattern is spreading to many different articles of clothing as well. Photo via Emily Schreck on Flickr.

This pattern has been popular since the 80’s with Van’s iconic checkered slip ons. However, this year the pattern transitioned from only covering skating shoes to just about everything from jeans to raincoats.

  1. Camouflage Pants
A girl crouches with her feet towards the camera and her head not visible in front of a brick wall wearing a tee shirt and bright orange camouflage pants.

These oversized camouflage pants can be seen throughout the Mason halls. This photo features the pants paired with vans and a white t-shirt. Photo via @kammiko17 on Twitter.

Especially popular at Mason, this style of baggy pants originated from the early 1990s hip hop era.

  1. Fanny Packs
Jared Leto walks down the street wearing a fanny pack in an instagram post.

Actor Jared Leto rocks a fanny pack in a photo on his instagram page. Photo via @jaredleto on Instagram.

Once only useful for tacky tourist day during spirit week, these accessories have become a staple for many because of their convenience and variety.


  1. Logos
A model poses in a champion sweatshirt.

A model poses in a sweatshirt with a large Champion logo across the front, featured on Champion’s official instagram page. Photo via @champion on Instagram.

Huge, 1990s style logos of brands like Champion and Fila have taken over T-shirts and sweatpants all year.


1. Oversizing

Ariana Grande's instagram post featuring her posing on a staircase.

Singer Ariana Grande rocks an oversized sweatshirt with oversized boots in a photo posted on her Instagram. Photo via @arianagrande on Instagram.

Giant shoes, giant coats, giant pants: 2018 has been the year of big, baggy everything. Celebrities, like Ariana Grande, have promoted this trend with their infamous outfits.