Top eight movies of 2018 reviewed

Olaiya Lewis, Staff Reporter

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  1. The Hate U Give
Movie poster for The Hate U Give.

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“It was a good movie, but the book is much better,” said freshman Audrey Dubois. The groundbreaking movie, “The Hate U Give,” shook the theaters everywhere. It was a rated one of the best movie of 2018 by Rotten Tomatoes and received a 97%.

  1. Black Panther
The movie poster for Black Panther

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“Its was exhilarating, and very fun to watch,” said freshman Daria DeWald. This movie was a great movie by Marvel standards. It showed lots of amazing new technology that we have never been exposed to even in the Marvel Universe. It shaped the dreams of future thinkers everywhere.

  1. Crazy Rich Asians
Movie poster for Crazy Rich Asians

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“It was really funny, and displayed many aspects of life, it really showed lots of great asian culture,” said freshman Emma McDonald. A classic love story mixed in with humor and music as some points. It was a basic star crossed lovers story with a few twists and surprises.

  1. Ant-Man and the Wasp
Movie poster for Ant Man and the Wasp

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This movie was highly appreciated by all ages. Many saw it as better than the first. While it didn’t have the same emotional investment as Avengers Infinity Wars, people thought it was a refreshing take on this new super hero.

  1. Avengers Infinity Wars
Movie poster for Avengers: Infinity War

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This movie was highly anticipated, however, the ending left many disappointed and wanting more. Almost everyone was upset with the end of the film. Despite the criticism, this movie also received a lot of praise.

“It was hands down best movie of 2018, ” said freshman Bronwyn Doss. 

  1. Solo: a Star Wars Story
Movie poster for Solo: a star wars story

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This movie was loved by Star Wars fans everywhere. Although, many were saddened that Harrison Ford was not the star.

“It was a highly underrated movie. A lot of people said Solo was bad, but I liked it, it was a very fun movie,” said freshman Liam Timar-Wilcox.

  1. Ocean’s 8
Movie poster for Ocean's 8

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This movie was a win for women everywhere. It really shows that girls can do anything guys can do. The movie keeps you on your toes up until the final surprise. 

1. Bohemian Rhapsody

Movie poster for Bohemian Rapsody

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This movie was anticipated and love by all and the songs and actors were extraordinary.

“It was really good. The songs were amazing, and they show how much [Freddie Mercury] struggled. I really got a grasp of his life and how hard it was,” said McDonald.