Student enjoys administration’s cancelation of midterm week

GMHS administration stands outside of school in their halloween costumes.

Principal Matt Hills (left), Vice Principal David Serensits (middle), and Vice Principal Kevin Clark (right) stand outside of George Mason in their Halloween costumes. The administration canceled midterm week for the first time in recent memory. Photo by Carol Sly.

Sam Mostow, Advertising & Social Media Editor

To the surprise of everyone, student Sally Johnson, junior, said that she doesn’t, in fact, detest the administration of George Mason canceling the annual midterm week.

“While all my friends like getting out of school at noon for a week so they can go home and study, I enjoy this extra time trapped in school,” Johnson said.

“What I also enjoy about this is how the student body was left in the dark by the administration about this exam week,” Johnson continued. “It made for a fun time!”

“In addition, I absolutely loved the confusion among students about whether or not there would be an exam in their classes. I got to walk into school on Monday, January 7 and not know how much these exams will be worth. This will be an exciting challenge!”

Johnson was quickly ushered to the clinic and tested for a concussion. She tested positive.


*Note: all students mentioned in this story are fictional*