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Truman flexes.

Truman Tries Training

In this video, The Lasso‘s own Truman Lapp tries weight training for the first time. It didn’t go very well, but the important thing is that he tried.

A two layered table

A review of nine independent learning tables

Duncan Miller and Eli Wildman May 3, 2021

In the new George Mason High School, there are almost too many learning spaces—and each needed to be furnished, with a plethora of tables and chairs.  With fellow Lasso writers Truman Lapp and Megan...

Truman at the Mustang Mug.

Truman Tries Tea

In this video, The Lasso's own Truman Lapp tries tea from the Mustang Mug for the first time. It didn't go very well, but the important thing is that he tried.

Truman gives an introduction.

Truman’s tour of the new school building

Truman Lapp, Charlie Adams, and Megan Clinton March 8, 2021

To welcome you into the new school building, our own Truman Lapp went around to give you a tour. We did our best to add disclaimers where they are necessary. WARNING: Do not try a lot of this stuff at...

football player in ppe gear

Satire: Fantasy coronavirus, the perfect solution to the monotony of pandemic living

Eli Wildman, Staff Reporter January 26, 2021

Sometimes in the age of coronavirus, you really just need some excitement. Just a break from the everyday drawl of the same routine every day. In steps the solution: fantasy coronavirus. If you don’t...

A picture of Truman

Ask Truman #1

Truman Lapp, Staff Reporter December 16, 2020

Hey guys. I’m Truman. They gave me an advice column.  How do I make my room more Jungle Themed? - Confused Carl Hey Carl. I’ve never had to make a room jungle themed, but it feels like...

A graphic that says how 2020 will get worse

Satire: Here’s how 2020 is going to get worse

Sam Mostow, Advertising & Social Media Editor August 24, 2020

This summer has given The Lasso magical powers and now we can see into the future! Here are all the ways 2020 will get worse and the date each event will occur: September 26 The baby giant panda...

Coronavirus Disease 2019. (Photo Courtesy of U.S. Air Force)

Satire: The Universe reveals that March was all just an April Fool’s Day prank

Sam Mostow and Liam Timar-Wilcox April 1, 2020

The Universe revealed that March was one massive, cruel April Fool's Day prank after one of the longest, most chaotic months to date. In its apology statement, The Universe agreed to rewind the world back...

Hand sanitizer on a counter

Satire: Ways to take advantage of quarantine

Sam Mostow, Advertising & Social Media Editor April 1, 2020

With school closed for the rest of the year due to the coronavirus outbreak, things are looking pretty bleak. However, it’s not all bad! Here are some ways to take the bad circumstances of this outbreak...

A photo of two fountains on the F-hallway main floor. Photo by Sam Mostow

A review of all of Mason’s water fountains

Sam Mostow and Liam Timar-Wilcox November 8, 2019

Mason has a lot of water fountains. Fifteen, by our count. For your convenience, The Lasso went around the school and reviewed all of them. Photos by Sam Mostow and Liam-Timar Wilcox.

Satire: Dear George Mason

Satire: Dear George Mason

Truman Lapp, Staff Reporter September 20, 2019

Dear George Mason, I’m finding it hard to manage all of my grades with some being in PowerSchool and some being in the Schoology grade book. What should I do? Sincerely, Stressed Dear Stressed,  I...

Students walk around the club fair.

Satire: Alternate uses for Wild Horse Wednesday

Liam Timar-Wilcox and Sam Mostow March 11, 2019

Many students at George Mason High School were skeptical when the concept of a ‘Wild Horse Wednesday’ was introduced at the start of the school year. This extra block is used for various purposes,...

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