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Sequoia Wyckoff
Sequoia writes about art, culture, and politics. She has odd taste in pizza toppings.

Sequoia Wyckoff, Staff Reporter

Mar 08, 2019
Case closed: Mock trial team wins states (Story)
Mar 07, 2019
One year after Parkland: We remember, we adapt (Story)
Feb 06, 2019
Music at Mason: finding a niche (Story)
Feb 05, 2019
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Jan 17, 2019
Erik Boesen: Mason’s tech guru (Story)
Dec 07, 2018
Representation matters: Mason students inspired (Story)
Nov 29, 2018
TiKa Wallace: New York Times photographer (Story)
Oct 19, 2018
Should Democrats up for re-election swing left or right? (politics chat) (Story)
Oct 09, 2018
Columbus did more than just sail the ocean blue (Story)
Oct 04, 2018
The art room: a thriving community beneath our feet (Story)
May 04, 2018
Metamorphoses: “Unexpected and mind-blowing” (Story)
May 02, 2018
Rupi Kaur, poetry’s popstar? (Story)
Jan 11, 2018
Leave anonymous artists alone (Story)
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