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Editorial: GMHS should not begin Hybrid phase-in next week

Editorial Board January 21, 2021

In this week’s “Wednesday Lookahead,” Superintendent Dr. Peter Noonan announced that grades 6-12 will likely start phasing into a hybrid learning structure in the next few weeks, starting with grades...

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Editorial: Make smart choices so we can go back to school

Editorial Board November 21, 2020

Distance learning sucks. This is not the fault of George Mason or FCCPS as a whole, both of which have handled distance learning very well, especially given the circumstances. But it sucks. Every day,...

Editorial: The definitive best Halloween candy, 2020 edition

Editorial: The definitive best Halloween candy, 2020 edition

Editorial Board October 31, 2020

Welcome to the second annual edition of our annual picks of the best Halloween candy! Last year, we all disagreed on the superior Halloween candy and this year was no different. So we did what any good...

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You’ve seen the posts. Now show up to the conversation.

Editorial Board June 3, 2020

Racism exists in America, in Virginia, in Falls Church City, and in the culture of George Mason High School. But non-black students at Mason are not often forced to confront that racism. Because of...

Two students in coats walk in the snow

Quit being cold

Editorial Board February 1, 2019

Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s snowing. Yes, it’s slippery. No, this does not give you an excuse to be obnoxious, rude, and blatantly disrespectful. Considering we’ve only had one full day of school...

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Weekly Word: Mason’s midterm meltdown

Editorial Board January 18, 2019

George Mason High School is in the middle of an identity crisis, and students are suffering the consequences. As part of a long-term effort to modernize the grading system, GMHS administrators have...

Coming to understand our earlier Homecoming

Coming to understand our earlier Homecoming

Editorial Board September 13, 2017

As summer comes to an end and the school year begins, the numerous “back to school” traditions commence. September brings the first day of school, the first football game, and, probably, your first...

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Mustang Block is my rock

Editorial Board January 4, 2017

Decembers are bittersweet. You have the holiday season of course; filled with joyful Christmas music, decorated cookies, and tons of cute DIY festivities, but it is also one of the most stressful months...

Students hold a young Democrats poster

Defending the Lasso Editorial Board’s choice to endorse a candidate

Colter Adams, Managing Editor December 9, 2016

The Lasso has heard several complaints over our decision to endorse a particular candidate for President. We have received a number of responses to our article, “The Lasso Endorses Clinton for President,”...

The trebles with choir: Why I left choir

The trebles with choir: Why I left choir

Gabriel Brown March 25, 2015

Recently, I quit choir. I've been in the George Mason choir since eighth grade. I plan to pursue musical theatre next year when in college and I've loved singing since I was a small child. In...

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