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Guns for everyone?

Little tyke exercises his second amendment right to bear arms. (Photo courtesy of C 4 Ranch and Lodge website)
April 6, 2018

Note: Beating a Dead Horse is a regular satire column from Lasso authors. All names and likenesses are fictional. The Lasso Editorial Board and FCCPS do not espouse or endorse opinions expressed in these...

We should run, not hide during a lockdown

We should run, not hide during a lockdown
March 21, 2018

“Unpopular Opinions” are exactly that. These opinions are those of the authors alone, and do not represent the opinions of The Lasso or of George Mason High School. In the event of a school shooting,...

Guns do not make schools any safer

A Guns at School sign.
March 15, 2018

The recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida sparked nationwide conversations regarding gun safety in schools.To combat this ongoing issue, President Donald Trump proposed a "solution" which would end...

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