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A way-too-early Dune Movie preview

Duncan Miller, Staff Reporter May 20, 2021

This year on October 1, the highly anticipated Dune movie will be released in theaters. The novel Dune, written by Frank Herbert in 1965, is set in the far-off future, where humanity has expanded across...

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The Roundup: Bibio, About Time, and More

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi - Hedda  Do you want to read an impactful book? Homegoing will take you on a thrilling roller coaster ride, leaving you feeling enlightened, emotional, and wanting more....

the workplace at NASA

5 must-watch movies this Women’s History Month

Clara Kasik, Features Editor March 15, 2021

Although almost everyone enjoys sitting down and watching a good film, many movies feature female characters who don't provide for very much except a love interest. In honor of Women's History Month this...

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The Roundup: The Strokes, Community, and more

Isabel Costa, Opinion Editor February 21, 2021

Community Community is a six-season, extremely underrated show on Netflix that follows a study group of seven students at the fictional Greendale Community College. This show puts funny twists on...

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The Roundup: It’s rom-com season

Eva Williams, Editor-in-Chief February 13, 2021

Just like Elf is a Christmas classic and horror movies are a Halloween staple, rom-coms are the epitome of Valentine’s Day. Here’s a look through some of the best from the past few decades. Can’t...

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The Roundup: Adrift, Alvin Zhou, and more

Hedda Jagerskog, Staff Reporter January 31, 2021

Alvin Zhou Even if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking videos, you will be hooked by Alvin Zhou’s sensational bakes. They’re aesthetic, enticing, and most importantly, mouth-watering. Alvin...

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The Roundup: Dead to Me, Modern Love, and more

Eva Williams, Editor-in-Chief January 21, 2021

Catch Me If You Can Steven Spielberg is known for his dramatic, action-filled plots -- Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park. Catch Me If You Can, which he directed, contrasts these films....

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Get into the holiday spirit with these festive movies

Ella Gilmore, Staff Reporter December 14, 2020

December is here, and that means it’s time to celebrate the holidays. Whether you’re counting down the days until Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, here’s a list of some of the best seasonal movies...

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Movies to Watch in Quarantine

Olaiya Lewis, Staff Reporter May 20, 2020

Looking for some great movies to watch? You have come to the right place! From movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, to movies you will need tissues for we have got it all. We polled Mason...

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A sports lover’s guide to surviving

Carter Mackinnon, Staff Reporter April 24, 2020

NFL Draft: The NFL Draft starts tonight, and goes through Saturday. The draft’s seven rounds showcase the best of the collegiate players. Round one was Thursday night starting at 8 p.m., rounds two and...

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Top 9 movies of 2019

Olaiya Lewis, Staff Reporter December 26, 2019

(Photo Courtesy of IPM Awards via LA)

The best movies of 2017

Evan Stegenga January 17, 2018

Coco Pixar is back at it again! Pixar’s Coco was their nineteenth feature film about a young boy and his journey with music. Miguel wants to become a professional musician, but he encounters...

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