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For the Record: Autumn album essentials

record player
October 27, 2020

As we transition into fall, we enter a weird space in time. Spring has passed and so has the need for bright, hyperpop music, however; it’s still too early to listen to Christmas music (and if you...

Review: “In the Attic of the Universe”

The Antlers perform live at Fun Fun Fun Fest (Photo by A Horse With No Name Photography via Flickr)
The Antlers' sophomore release is a lo-fi classic worth revisiting
March 30, 2020

In the midst of the current semi-apocalypse, there's a thought experiment that gives me just a little bit of joy. Lying in bed at 3:00 am, I close my eyes and imagine that, when all that is left of human...

The Districts bring stately garage rock to 9:30 Club

The Districts perform
A review of one of the final DC concerts before mass-closures for coronavirus set in
March 13, 2020

Rob Grote is pretty scrappy even for an indie-rock superstar. T-shirt half-tucked into his sweats, wild curly hair flopping, he’s the kind of guy you’d expect to lather up in reverb, and sulk-sing...

Why everyone secretly loves country music

Album covers featuring Florida Georgia Line, Dolly Parton, Old Dominion, and Carrie Underwood (Photo via Spotify)
December 18, 2019

Trucks, love, work, mud, and lemonade. All are common themes in country songs from every decade. While most people associate country music with those living in the South, more “northerners” enjoy listening...

Match teachers to their favorite songs

Match teachers to their favorite songs
October 31, 2019

How well do you know your teachers? Take this quiz and try to guess the favorite songs of nine Mason teachers. Loading…

Is there hope for rock music?

Performers on stage with colored lights
May 3, 2019

Sure, it might be trite to say, but rock is dead. The groups that sell out the biggest stadiums are decades past their prime. Cheap commercial pop masquerading as rock rules the airwaves, performing...

Teach me Kendrick Lamar PLEASE

The Album of Kendrick Lamar
March 1, 2019

It seems that I was born two years early because Kendrick Lamar is set to be taught in classrooms for years to come. The famous rapper Kendrick Lamar, known for his inspirational songs for the black...

Top eight albums of 2018

Top eight albums of 2018
February 20, 2019

KIDS SEE GHOSTS - KIDS SEE GHOSTS KIDS SEE GHOSTS- a supergroup formed by hip-hop legends Kanye West and Kid Cudi- has made waves in the music industry with the release of its eponymous first...


January 9, 2018

[huge_it_gallery id="45"] When you see the word “Boyband” what comes to mind? One Direction? Why Don’t We? N-Sync? The Jonas Brothers? Among this list of boy bands would you consider BROCKHAMPTON...

Sounds of the season

The GMHS Concert Choir performs. (Photo by Tenzin Namgyel)
December 21, 2017

Click on a link below to read about the December performances by our Mustang musicians.  GM Combined choirs shine by Clare Doss Mason band plays holiday hits by Claudia Gusman

Mason band plays holiday hits

Tenor saxophonist, Kit Richards busts out a solo during “Tenor Madness” (photo courtesy: Carol Sly)
December 21, 2017

Gowns were zipped up, tuxes were buttoned, instruments were tuned, and a nervous yet excited buzz spread through the band room as Mason’s very own prepared to deliver a successful Winter Band Concert. The...

GM Combined choirs shine

The GMHS Concert Choir performs. (Photo by Tenzin Namgyel)
December 21, 2017

The holiday spirit is in the air and both George Mason choirs showcased their talents Tuesday evening at the Winter Choral Concert. A traditional round called "Shalom" sung by both choirs started...

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