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Sasha Sondergaard Hearn, the interviewee

A Q&A with a Fridays for Future activist

Hedda Jagerskog, Staff Reporter November 8, 2020

Fridays for Future is an international climate movement founded by Greta Thunberg. Notably in the Mason community, in late 2019 many Mason students attended a Climate March in Washington DC led by Fridays...

Erin with her dog

Staying busy and staying positive: Erin Tarpgaard

Clara Kasik, Features Editor October 28, 2020

Sophomore Erin Tarpgaard has been anything but unoccupied during the pandemic madness we are currently facing. Between schoolwork, clubs, Student Council Executive Board, her position as a youth representative...

Ms. Mural

From NYC to NoVA: Ms. Mural

Eva Williams, Editor-in-Chief October 24, 2020

Ms. Sheri Mural is many things—a graduate of Mt. Holyoke and New York University, a former biology major, a gardener, a mom—but most recently, she’s the new College and Career Counselor at George...

Ms. Trebels with the Seniors from the first class she taught

Mason’s Not-So-New New Teacher: Ms. Trebels

Isabel Costa, Opinion Editor October 8, 2020

This year, Ms. Trebels joined the Mason staff as a not-so-new new teacher. She taught science at the middle school for eight years but decided to switch to Mason this year. She had considered the...

Victoria Lam

Girls Who Code: Ready to inspire

Ella Gilmore, Staff Reporter October 6, 2020

With six weeks of virtual learning already complete, some clubs are still struggling to come up with ways to meet and pursue their topics of interest. However, this is not the case for Mason's new...

Coach Wooten with his son at football game

Coach Wooten: New to Mason but right at home

Ella Gilmore, Staff Reporter October 5, 2020

In a virtual environment, it can be hard to get to know people, especially teachers. This year at George Mason, there are several new staff members, including Mr. Marvin Wooten, the new athletic director....

hiker on top of mountain

From soccer field to science field: Ms. Rerucha

Hedda Jagerskog, Staff Reporter September 27, 2020

Ms. Rerucha was born in Colorado and raised in Nebraska. “People think of farmland and cows and corn when they think of Nebraska, but I wasn’t near any of that at all.” Her whole childhood was...

Freshman Hanna Hall on a daily walk with her sister, Jenna.

Hanna Hall: Keeping constructive in quarantine

Clara Kasik, Features Editor May 16, 2020

On a normal day, you might find Hanna Hall on the field hockey field, at SCA, or hanging out with her friends. But these are not normal times. So what has Freshman Hanna Hall been up to these past...

father and child in a mirror

Mr. Singer: A quarantine Q&A

Charlie Adams, Opinion Editor May 16, 2020

Students are not alone in undergoing changes associated with new online teaching and quarantine. Teachers are also having to adapt and get creative when it comes to organizing class and supporting...

In quarantine, Mrs. Lietzen keeps busy and creative by embroidering. (Photo courtesy of Kelsey Lietzen)

Mrs. Lietzen: Day by day, stitch by stitch

Eva Williams, Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2020

While names roll into the sidebar of the Big Blue Button conferences, English teacher Mrs. Lietzen likes to chat with her students about how they’ve been doing and keeping themselves busy. She’ll...

Girl walks her dog

Ashley Zigler: Finding joy in uncertainty

Sequoia Wyckoff, Editor-in-Chief April 20, 2020

On Wednesday, I got a letter in the mail - a card from junior Ashley Zigler, in big flair-pen handwriting. On the back was a printed out meme about the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen, a cooking YouTube Channel...

Girl stands in hallway

Izzy Anderson: An artist at heart

Eva Williams, Editor-in-Chief January 16, 2020

When I told friends that I was worried I wouldn’t recognize junior Izzy Anderson when she came into the library for our interview, they assured me that I would. “Curly-ish hair, earbuds in, cool style,”...

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