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letters on a desk

The art of handwritten letters amidst a pandemic

Katharine Hart, Contributor January 5, 2021

Nowadays, finding moments to mentally recharge and just breathe are few and far between. It’s difficult to find activities that offer a genuine escape from the constant, draining overload of stress and...

Need a break from your computer? Here are some ideas

Need a break from your computer? Here are some ideas

Harshini Velmurugan, Staff Reporter December 10, 2020

We at the Lasso have written a lot about ways to relax during this tumultuous, stressful period of all of our loves. As we near the end of the first semester, projects and tests are piling up, and the...


Feeling sour? Make sourdough

Tucker Ward, Staff Reporter December 7, 2020

Early in 2020, billions of people suddenly found themselves at home in quarantine. With extra time on their hands, the world collectively gained a new hobby: making bread. Though the sourdough craze...

concert on a screen outside

For the Record: An alternative to live concerts

Audrey Morrison and Megan Clinton December 6, 2020

Concerts have had to adapt along with many other activities that involve large amounts of people gathering. Some bands have opted for a safe alternative to in person concerts with a fun and unique...

Sophomore Erin Tarpgaard shows off her homemade smoothie bowl. (Photo by Erin Tarpgaard)

Need a break? Refresh with these Learning Support activities

Emma Roncoroni, Staff Reporter October 14, 2020

When they don’t have a scheduled appointment with a teacher during Learning Support, many Mason students find themselves searching for relaxing self-care activities in an effort to get off of the computer...

Quarantine recommendations for every quarantine mood

Quarantine recommendations for every quarantine mood

Audrey Morrison, Staff Reporter May 7, 2020

If you’re feeling hopeless: Fleabag, Matt Maltese - Bad contestant If The Office and Orange Is the New Black had a colder, more depressed, British lovechild it would slightly resemble Fleabag....

Top 10 things I've done out of boredom

Top 10 things I’ve done out of boredom

Ella Gilmore, Staff Reporter May 4, 2020

Over the past couple of months, we’ve all gotten very annoyed, impatient, and bored. In fact, I’m so bored, I would bet money that I’m more bored than you. Just kidding... somewhat. Anyway, here’s...

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